About Elova

Imagine you’re at a movie night with the homies talking about how Joker was the real MVP of the Dark Knight Trilogy! How GoT Season 8 would’ve been totally out of this world if only they'd paid heed to all the fan theories going viral on the net. Sounds familiar, right? 

Elova to the rescue! A platform of and for the pop-culture buffs built with blockchain technology (Solana infrastructure), by a bunch of movie & TV shows mavericks.

How does this work?

a. Elova will onboard movie production houses, studios, actors, etc., who will conduct polls, events & AMA sessions on the platform.

b. You will get access to “unlockable content NFTs” behind the scenes collections, deleted scenes, artwork, and what is not launched by these studios.

c. You can cash in on all the above collectibles, voting rights & access passes, and much more with Elo Coins, an SPL token of the Solana ecosystem on Elova.



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elova?

-A fan engagement platform for movies and TV shows leveraging blockchain technology (Solana Infrastructure).
-Our app will be a one-stop shop for fans to influence their favorite studios/artists/actors, win rewards, access VIP passes, play games, and trade NFTs.
-For further information, please refer to the solution section in this litepaper.

What is the genesis collection?

What is the Utility of Elo Coins?

How can I get Elova’s genesis collection?

Why Solana?

Which are the wallets supported for the mint?

When is the launch & how much is the mint price?

Is there a pre-sale?

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